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Billy and Louie are 21 year old pop/soul twin singer-songwriters and producers. They’re inspired by classic blues, soul, jazz and R&B and they incorporate these influences into their music with a modern sound to create a timeless blend of modern and old. The blend and synchronisation they produce is amplified by their twin connection and their strong gift for harmony plays an important role in their music. Powerful vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Stevie Wonder have heavily influenced the twins to embrace their soulful voices and they fuse these classic inspirations with contemporary songwriting and production which has proven to be very successful with a variety of different listeners. To date, the twins have written and produced all of their music together, collaborating with other songwriters, producers and instrumentalists. They have a skill for arranging harmonies and utilise this to arrange gospel sections and backing vocals that enhance their own vocals. 


Billy and Louie began perfecting their craft at the age of 7, later writing, producing, performing and competing nationally in radio competitions and at prestigious venues. When they were 16, Billy and Louie made an appearance on BBC 1’s Little Mix the search. They won over Little Mix, receiving a pass to the band room after their successful performance. Perrie Edwards said that they had “the best vocals” she’d heard all day. 


Since then, they have gained a large following of supporters, backed by big names such as Meghan Trainor. They’ve received recognition from artists such as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey and with this following, they began touring around the UK performing their original work to their fans.


Billy & Louie released their debut EP "Manifesting' in the summer of 2023. The 6 song body of work features the twins tight harmonies combined with their soulful voices and catchy melodies. Manifesting is available to download and stream everywhere! 

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